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So basically, here comes an extremely fangirl post that you'll probably judge me for. And well I couldn't think of a blog title (once again wow emily) so I used some very funny song lyrics from the very thing I wish to talk about now.

Today, the 17th of November, the brand new album by One Direction called 'Four' was released and holy fudgecakes I cannot start to describe my feelings right now.

After falling in love with the boys in 2010 on the X-Factor and to see them now with 4 amazing albums makes me so freaking proud of them. And somehow the release of 'Midnight Memories' was about a year ago now and it feels like yesterday. And don't get me started on the release of 'Take Me Home' and 'Up All Night' now that's hard-core hit-me-where-it-hurts feels.

I don't honestly care if you don't like them because of their first album being to 'poppy' or because they're awful (when you're fucking wrong but whatever) but this album just highlights their talents. The co-writing and writing of most songs with the addition of two masterpieces by Ed Sheeran (18 and Act My Age) and a few solely by their writers (Girl Almighty and Once In A Lifetime) knocks the dig at them that they don't write their own music and songs. The new album has such a distinct and amazing sound, combining pop, rock and R&B which creates an album full of intimacy, craziness and brilliance (not forgetting the catchy, guitar driven and exciting beats added alongside some mellow melodies.)

So instead of babbling on, I'm going to do a quick review of each of the songs with maybe a sentence reviewing it then a general review at the end (and probably some advertising oh wells.)

1) Steal My Girl - First single from the album. A really good and catchy tune with some beautiful notes (Zayn Malik thank you for your angelic high voice). However not the biggest fan- there are definitely better tracks (oops.)

2) Ready To Run - A resemblance to a country style song, yet again a catchy tune with some adorable lyrics and high notes beautiful enough to make me cry.

3) Where Do Broken Hearts Go - A rocking piano tune, some great harmonies and lyrics - it's no wonder its Louis' and Liam's favourite from the album.

4) 18 - A beautiful melody and beautiful lyrics that make your heart melt.  Perfectly sung by the band. Ed Sheeran is a genius. And Louis Tomlinson was built for solos without accompanying music.

5) Girl Almighty -  A repetitive, fast paced track that would be amazing to hear live. The quiteness of parts of the song highlight amazing vocals. With some very, lets say interesting lyrics...

6) Fool's Gold - A clear message and a beautiful tune to make a heart melt. Intimacy and emotions packed into 3 minutes and 31 seconds of brilliance.

7) Night Changes -  The second single from the album. Absolutely beautiful song, with some lyrics that really hit home. A work of art that I cannot stop listening to. My words cannot sum up the beauty of the song.

8) No Control - Another upbeat song with some prolonged singing and notes to make it sound a really sly tune you could dance along too. But not my favourite song on the album even though it is great.

9) Fireproof - Some beautiful acoustic and quiet instruments allow emphasis on the angel vocals from the five. The soft sound  makes the song what it is.

10) Spaces - A 'galactic' sounding tune with  sadder and more intimate lyrics to create beauty and a really cool pun to make the song great. 

11) Stockholm Syndrome - The idea of the song is both clever and random. Offbeat singing (which i adore) and a great tune equate a perfect song with an idea that I'm determined only Harry Styles (who co-wrote the song) would come up with and well it's pure freaking genius.

12) Clouds - An upbeat song you'd expect to be slower. The isolated vocals shine  through the song showing why they are so amazing. The way the music stops and starts is cleverly done and highly commendable.

13) Change Your Ticket - A pop tune that starts off with a mix of a few tunes I know and full of cute lyrics. But for me it sounds too much like 'Girls' by The 1975 especially the chorus. Still love the song though.

14) Illusion - The song is too beautiful to describe. Different tempos and amazing lyrics combine with once again great vocals to make a fabulous song. Well co-written by the one and only Liam Payne.

15) Once In A Lifetime - A slow song that is beautiful. Full of emotion, some angelic harmonies and a quiet sound. I wish it was longer than it is because an extra minute of the same emotion would make it a joint favourite.

16) Act My Age - My favourite song on the album. Some hilarious lyrics, cheeky solos by the one and only Niall Horan, and a great, upbeat, circus-type tune (with a hint of Irish folk I feel) with some cute lyrics ("I'll still feel the same around you") to make one amazing song. I mean come on; "when I'm fat and old and my kids think I'm a joke because I move a little slow when I dance" how much funnier can you get? 

So to sum to the album in 3 words?

Holy freaking fantastic.

I do admit there are a few songs that I don't hate as such but I'm not a huge fan of (but that's my personal opinion, they are still amazing) - but you get that with all artists. 

The album was definitely worth the wait and the £25 spent because my CD drive wouldn't work on my laptop to get it on my iTunes library. It is so much better than I could ever have imagined. I'm so proud of them.

The best band, the best album and the best four years of my life.


"Four" is available on iTunes for £10.99 (Deluxe - with 4 extra songs) or £8.99 (Normal)

It is also available on Amazon, Play and other music stores as well as the official 'One Direction' website for £12.99 - Deluxe (plus P&P) and £9.99 (plus P&P) with pre-order bonus of a wristband.

 And to be honest I've probably left something out but honestly there's a lot of places and numbers and I'm too emotional to find them all.  


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