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Now this is a post I've wanted to write for a while. The Script are a band I've listened to religiously for a long time. I found them when they opened a Take That concert I went to and I've been hooked ever since. They are a band I'm proud to love because without fail their music is always meaningful, deep and beautiful. The trio have a talent with music writing and performing that cannot compare to others in my opinion. Their humour and presence on stage is something I adore and their passion for music is always obvious in their live and track versions of their songs.

As I've said in a different post, before my music taste turned into what it is, they we're the rockiest band I ever listened to. The way they sing and perform never fails to astound me, whether this is live or on track. They bring a new meaning to music to me in ways I probably never will be able to describe. Even though my music taste is increasing, if you asked me for my favourite 10 songs, I can guarantee at least 2, probably even 3/4 songs by The Script will be there. I don't think a song has ever tugged on my heart strings more then If You Could See Me Now.

I have waited so long for this day to come, and here it is. Album 5. Freedom Child.

Back with a different sound, it's an album by The Script I guess I wasn't really expecting. It's more, I guess, modern than I was expecting, for the obvious reason that they had to keep up with the times. However, I absolutely adore this album. It was only a day ago for me at the time of writing (I went to their Brixton gig too, hence why this is being written today), but I can wholeheartedly say it's amazing. It's a new sound by you know it's them. The lyrics are absolutely powerful and accompanied with music that is perfect for each track. I also had the privilege of hearing a few new tracks live, and they are somehow better live than in studio, which I thought to be impossible.

The 14 track LP blew me away. It is by far the most powerful message the band have written and performed and it is perfect for the way the world is right now. The trio have stated themselves that the album was written to almost give the new generation a response and answer to terrorism, trying to unite everyone together. And thats what it is. It's an album about everyone and everyone being together. I find it a rather positive and empowering album too, with most songs containing self positive lyrics.

They just get stronger and stronger with each album, which I thought was impossible because even album 1 is a complete masterpiece.

Freedom Child. Let's go.

1) No Man is an Island - Oh this is a beautiful way to start off an album. It's tempo is absolutely fantastic to start of an album that is marking a newer sound. It does a really good job of setting the tone and the message for the album in a way that is so easy to dance and bop along to. It also flaunts off their vocals in a wonderful way and the lyrics are (obviously) really meaningful and important. // "Look at the horizon, cause love will always take you home"

2) Rain - The first single from the album, to me the song rain is like the weather rain. It's something that lowkey annoyed me at first, but then once I was out in it I loved it. Because it was the first peak at the new sound, I was at first abit hesitant and wondering what had changed, but it has 100% grown on me. I absolutely love it, it's go good to dance to and it is a perfect song to be released as a single. // "You were my everything, now i don't know what to do"

3) Arms Open - Now, THIS song made me really happy. It is absolutely beautiful. It has the albums message absolutely exploding in it. The music is absolutely gorgeous, and it's something I'd expect to hear in a movie, in a very positive way. And oh my GOD does it flaunt Danny's voice absolutely beautifully. It is perfect for him, it shows his talent in ways that other songs fail to do. The lyrics are obviously exceptional, it's all about having someone else there for you when you're in need. It is one of my favourites on the album easily. The music is abit softer which helps with the power of the song to come out. I fucking love it. It's even better live, and when I first wrote this I didn't think that was possible. There's a reason it's their favourite song on the album to perform // "when you feel like you can't take another round of being broken, my arms are open"

4) Rock The World - Another lovely upbeat song that I really enjoy. It's a song that I could easily drunkenly sing my heart out to in the early hours of the morning. It brings back the wonderful Mark rap sections I love and adore (which, may I add he absolutely SLAYED live). The lyrics are wonderful, the accompanying music is amazing. It is a song that I would absolutely love as a single. It feels made to be played and danced too. It's powerful and perfect // "to be the greatest, no, we can't be giving up, 

5) Mad Love - Mad Love is a weird song to me. Because I really love it but don't know why. Even though it isn't one of my favourite songs, I love it all the same. It's a really prevalent example of one of their songs with a new sound that also radiates their older sound. To be fair, the song is abit mad, just like the title portrays it as, which works really well.  The music is really catchy and will 100% be something I have stuck in my head on many occasions. // "we fill the bed with dynamite, who's turn is it to start the fight?"

6) Deliverance - Another song that I'd think would be really good in a film. It flaunts Danny's voice really well (as per usual) and I really love the sound of the music. It's a perfect example of lyrics and music fitting together with perfection. Also, major shout out to the damn amazing drumming, because even though it's a bit softer in the track, it is executed wonderfully and makes the track have a whole new level. // "please, what if i self destruct? will the world fall to dust?"

7) Divided States of America - When we first heard this song as a teaser, I fell in love. The whole song made me fall in love all over again. With the theme of uniting throughout the album, the song is a perfect example of the message that with whatever happens in the world, we need to stand together to defeat any and all evil. No matter race, gender, ethnicity, age, class, sexuality or location in the world, everyone united together has a more powerful force than a group of individuals who try to scare, oppress and terrify all. Divided States is one of my favourite tracks, because as well as it's powerful and important message for the world right now, the music is really damn powerful in delivering the message. It's upbeat with a great tempo that almost encourages you do to things. The lyrics are (obviously) ridiculously powerful. The song is just so damn wonderful. Even though they didn't play it live, it is the song I had stuck in my head the whole way home, and for a few hours whilst I was in bed. // "we're waking up, we're catching on, we've had enough, we're standing strong" / "if we don't all stand together we will fall"

8) Wonders - Wonders is a wonderful concept of a song. It starts of rather slow, and at first listen I expected a sad song. Not that this is a bad thing, the opening verse is probably my favourite of the song. It reminds me so much of songs from their first two albums it makes me happy. It then picks up in pace and becomes a song that's to easy to dance to and then becomes completely 2016/2017 summer music. The song has a great theme of doing things whilst you still have the chance and then linking this to the wonders of the world. Yeah, it's a really good song. // "pull the car to the side of the freeway, it all came clear in a flash, so i called to tell you I love you, got so many questions to ask. like where are we going, what are we doing? We said we would make memories, not dreams"

9) Love Not Lovers - Another track released abit early. Also one of my favourites. The music is really nice and mellow, whilst also telling the story of the lyrics at the same time. The music is also uptempo at the same time. The lyrics are really beautiful and tell a story that many people can relate to, and probably need or want to hear. Even though I personally cannot relate (completely) to the song, I know there are alot of people who probably can. I really do love it though, alot. // "I know you feel like love is on the run but your day will come"

10) Eden - Ok, so this song is best summed up with the MUSIC. Because it is so fucking amazing. It is probably musically the best track on this album, easily. It is upbeat and ridiculously encouraging, it helped me tidy my room when I really didn't want to. I really hope they play it live, because it is probably the only song that will get me jumping around (because i hate jumping). I cannot listen to it without head banging or punching the sky.  // "Blinded by temptation, and you gave me salvation"

11) Make Up - Prepare for a sappy one here, because this is my favourite song on this damn album. Alot of the songs are a faster pace on this album than usual, this probably being the slowest song on here. The first time I heard it I actually started sobbing. I am laughably self conscious and yesterday I was feeling absolutely awfully so, so hearing this song kind of felt like I was being spoken to. I have probably listened to this song the most, because it is beautiful, empowering, powerful and fucking amazing. The lyrics in this are also so powerful, with references to people being able to do what the fuck they want with their looks, clothing, make up and accessories etc, and no matter how people choose to express themselves that people are proud of them. It's about other peoples compliments mattering, and even though it shouldn't be the biggest influence in your expression, compliments from others really help boost confidence. It is honestly one of the best songs they've ever written, and that's fucking saying something. // "yeah he knows what society thinks when they see this man dressing so pretty in pink, he's always loved to play dress up but daddy's got something to say. 'you're not a screw up boy, no more hiding away', but she's a queen in a skin of a king, never happy who she is, that's the saddest fucking thing"

12) Written In The Scars - When I first heard this track, it made me ever so happy. It's an upbeat way of expressing that you should be proud of the battles you've fought and that your scars all have stories. It's a way of being happy that you've had hardship and showing you're much stronger than anything awful thrown you way. The music is wonderful. This could easily be a slow song, but instead it has a tempo that adds to the motivational message. Oh and the lyrics are pure gold. // "it's written in the scars, they make us who we are"

13) Awakening - a little instrumental track before the last track off the album. It flows so wonderfully into the next song that at first I didn't realise they were separate. 

14) Freedom Child - Freedom Child is what this album is about. The titled track is absolutely perfect. The music is up beat, empowering, motivational. It spreads the message perfectly. It almost in itself is a voice. The quieter and louder parts are done very cleverly, with the parts with less instrumental background than others acting as a build up almost. The band have said that the album is based on everyone needing to come together in the light of terrorism, to stand together and stand strong. If we stand strong than no one can take our freedom and love is one of the most powerful forces. It's a reassurance to the next generation that we can stop any hate in the world. The song makes me really happy. I am so proud to love a band that would produce such a beautiful song with  a powerful message. // "Put a flower on the top of a gun, put confetti in an atomic bomb, it's time to change now, we've seen enough, instead of war we're declaring love" / "face your fears with a smile, don't let them take your freedom child" 

This album is everything we wanted and more. Upbeat, real, powerful and executed perfectly, it isn't a lie when I say The Script just come back better each time than they have before, even though I say this is impossible each time. I am so happy and proud of the band for continuing to produce music that is so meaningful, powerful and full of emotions. It is a complete masterpiece and this was completely worth the wait. 


Freedom Child is available through a variety of platforms. It can be found on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music, as well as being available to purchase through Amazon, HMV etc. It is also available through the official store. It is completely worth the download. 


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